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Animal Protection Association

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About Us

The STARROMANIA Animal Protection Association was founded in 2013 by two wonderful Swiss citizens Silvia and Josef Zihlmann. They are the heart, soul and spirit of STARROMANIA.

Josef ZihlmannThe Association's main goal and purpose is to offer solutions regarding the situation of the homeless dogs, in close cooperation with the Romanian veterinarians and animal protectors.

The Association is operating a well equipped and modern veterinarian office, along with a modernized and well maintained dog shelter with close collaboration with the township of Gheorgheni, Harghita County. It is aiding and motivating the veterinarians in the region in conducting as many as possible professional sterilization surgeries. It is organizing at least twice a year meetings and forums for veterinarians together with the Veterinarian's Association, regarding theoretical and practical new methods. It has provided more than 1,000 good quality dog houses for more than 30 Romanian settlements..

Silvia ZihlmannSTARROMANIA publishes constantly newsletters, which are accessible to all in the German language. Dear Animal Lovers: there are more than 222 well cared for dogs in our custody, waiting for adoption. In our animal aiding and protection activities we count on your help as well. YOU can take a look at our protected animals on our webpage.

Write us! We will reply to all requests.
Your donations are wellcomed in the provided account on webpage.
Thank you for your kind attention!

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

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